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 what kind of modeling you prefer?   leave a note by the end of this page if you prefer more than one
 How many picture you have? Total Professional
 Do you have any videos?
 Do you like to make money from your page in the future? ***to prepare the page from the beginning
 what do you expect from your website?
Will you recommend us to others in the future
 will you be able to promote your website and do advertising by yourself?
 Would you like to join with your profile in a future websites
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- Will setup your page within 12 hours, and will contact you to see how you will send your data.
- You are welcome to join and help to create your site life, this usually help to finish your site in a short time,  however to communicate online takes approx 3 weeks.
- will not share any of your information on your site to public until you approve it
- If you miss use your page or send links to others and looking for sex or money, we have the full right to delete your page
- You are welcome anytime to ask to modify any page or picture on your website
- All websites with domain will have a copy as a subdomain on our site to run it into 360 search engines every 2 weeks
- All sites with their own domain name will get a free hosting for 1 year, then $5 a month (paid yearly via paypal), however the subdomain will remain free
all the time
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